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dockers free pants

Dockers unchain Pants: voguish major updates influence Dockers Free Pants, dockers,, casual Fridays, CareerBuilder,, sharing control hole up women, no-pants spot flopped, dockers pants, dockers freepants, free pants, unshackle pairs of knickers — that’s the latch besides the fact that the best kind Bowl spot included a company of pantsless men marching across an open vocation. Dockers’ “Wear the Pants” outing was given the mother of all spotlights Sunday nightfall and the reviews were rocky.

Assuming the marketing goal here was to entertain, it seems the no-pants begrime flopped.

“While the CareerBuilder ad where a raft of extremely unattractive coworkers wore only pants on “casual Fridays” was humorous, the Dockers “Men without pants” ad, aired immediately afterward, was befitting puzzling,” posted matchless blogger on “How would a bunch of guys trooping around sans pants deed pants?”