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iron man 2 trailer

Iron Man is back. And era I’m not yep soiling myself for the capital trailer owing to the sequel to Jon Favreau’s fantastic 2008 superhero flick, I am excited. And you should be, too.
In the first Iron fellow 2 trailer — released this dark hours by Paramount Pictures via Apple — we accede Robert Downey Jr. returning in that Tony Stark, the now-outed billionaire who has built himself some sweet channel and a badass alter-persona in Iron Man. We again get an introduction to the companion who will exhibit after him, the vengeful Russian jailbird Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), otherwise known as Whiplash. Scarlett Johansson shows up owing to charcoal Widow, if especial briefly. Gwyneth Paltrow is back as the lovely again peaceable Pepper Potts. and due to the pièce de résistance for fans, we get a quick action try of Iron Man fighting off what appears to be an army of robotic foes alongside his badass buddy match apparatus (Don Cheadle).
iron man 2 trailer.